Trodde Jonas betydde duva

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Självklart… Från Urban Dictionary:

Someone that is a not very well liked.Can be annoying or just totally hateful.

A way to express sexyness.

1. A uncommon name.

2. Life its self, also the new god. (Istället för att säga Gud, säger man Jonas).

3. The implication of any dirty act.
Exempel: ”Man, august hella wants to jonas my dick.”

4. Java Open Application Server (JOnAS).

5. Another word for a womans vagina.
Exempel: She shaves her jonas.

1. When having anal sex, pulling out your dick and smearing shit between the girls/guys eye brows leaving a unibrow. Like Bert & Ernie.

2. A random dude who remains nameless to you, usually at a party or other gathering.

3. A code name used when talking about your boss in public.

4. A nice, secretive way of saying ”bitch”.

Word used to describe someone who pretends they cannot speak a certain language, when they obviously have an accent that gives them away.

Jag vill nog inte ha något namn alls.

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